General Admission


The University of Bohol adopts a policy of open admission but selective retention to students with complete and valid credentials, whose qualifications indicate satisfactory performance, and who meet the other prescribed admission requirements.


1. New Students

Freshmen ----- are high school graduates enrolling in college for the first time. Upon enrollment, a freshman must submit the follwing requirements:
  • Form 138 (4th year High School Report Card
  • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar or NSO
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character, from the High School Principal
  • 2 pcs. black and white ID(2"x2") with white background
Transferees ----- are those students who wish to enroll in the university after having been enrolled in a college course at another institution. Upon enrollment, a transferee must submit the following credentials:
  • Transfer Credentials or Honorable Dismissal
  • Transcript of Records for evaluation
  • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate/NSO
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from Dean/Registrar of previous institution
  • 2 pcs. black and white ID(2"x2") with white background

2. Resident Students

Resident students are those enrolled in the University, in the same course during the immediate preceding semester and also enrolled in the University during the current or previous semesters, without having been issued a transfer credential.

 Before enrollment, a resident student must have his academic records evaluated by the Dean or academic adviser and be advised on subjects to be enrolled during the current semester.

Graduating students must have their academic records evaluated at the Registrar’s office.

A resident student may enroll in another school after having been evaluated and issued a permit to study by the Registrar even without a transfer credential, subject to institution policy on Cross Enrollment.

Transferee student must have attended the University for at least one school year or 2 successive semesters of the course he intends to graduate from and must have satisfactorily completed the equivalent of not less than 40 units excluding taken during the summer to be considered resident student.

3. Shiftee

Shiftees are similar to resident students except that they transfer their enrollment to another course other than the course they were enrolled during the preceding semester. Before enrolment, a shiftee must have his academic records evaluated by the Dean or at the Registrar’s Office and be advised as to the subjects to be enrolled.


The level classification of the students will be based on the number of units required in the course curriculum of which the students is enrolled.


Aside from the provisions under the "Classification of Student and Admission Requirements", other requirements will apply to the students are given below:

  1. Philippine Resident Alien students must submit to the Registrar's Office, three (3) photocopies of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) with the original copy of the same for easy verification.
  2. Naturalized Filipino citizens must submit a copy of their birth certificate to the Registrar's Office upon enrollment.
  3. Phillipine Veteran's Affairs Office (PVAO) Students. Students with educattion benefits under Republic Act No. 65 are required to submit, upon enrollment a Veteran Passbook and their award to the UB Treasurer's Office in order to avail of the benefits.