College of Criminology

In consonance with the VISION-MISSION of the University, the UB College of Criminology commits itself to actively develop competent individuals who will lead in keeping peace, safety and public order.

Specifically, it aims to produce:

  1. Professionally competent and morally upright graduates who can deliver efficient and effective service in the field of criminology.
  2. Graduates with a keen perspective of the constitutional guarantees of every individual in the administration of justice.
  3. Responsible citizens who are deeply committed to the service of God, People and Country.

» Competence
» Integrity
» Duty

Bachelor of Science in Criminology
NOTE: Just recently CHED has conducted a Zonal Public Consultation for Visayas re CMO Nr 48, S, 2012 with the subject: Criminal Justice Education: Policies, Standards and Guidelines for the Bachelor of Forensic Science Program. Manual of the said program already submitted to the office of the President through VP Admin and VP Acad.

P / CINSP Jesus C. Acullador (Ret), RC, MSCRIM
Dean, College of Criminology