University of Bohol Graduate School and Professional Studies

Vision, Mission, Objectives


    A higher learning institution committed to equip graduates with advanced knowledge and skills and that with personality and behavior enhancement particularly on the right work attitude in their respective field of endeavor. It aims to produce graduates who would be active and productive partners working towards local and national development and growth.


    The University of Bohol- Graduate School and Professional Studies is dedicated to carry out the wisdom of producing globally competitive graduates who will provide meaningful leadership serving with the highest degree of professionalism and competence in all their undertakings.

General Objectives

* Provide the graduate students opportunities for advancement in their professional growth and development in a right blend of effective, efficient, convenient, and enriching instructional approaches in the graduate and post-graduate degree programs.

* Produce capable, proficient, and intellectually smart graduate students who are the respected managers and trusted leaders in their respective field of work.

Specific Objectives

    The University of Bohol Graduate School and Professional Studies has specifically set its direction towards the attainment of its four major thrusts such as: 1) Instruction, 2) Research, 3) Publication, 4) Extension

1) Instruction:

Provide quality instruction for advancement in the students’ knowledge and skills in the field of educational management, business management, public administration, human resource management, nursing services administration, arts of teaching in the different field of specialization, and expertise in other related fields.

Create a learning environment not just on the physical structures such as buildings and classrooms but rather emphasizes more on the provisions of the different tools of learning and provide greater opportunity for students’ interactions.


Establish a new paradigm in the delivery mode of instruction where learning is not only confined in the four walls of the classrooms but also blended with on-line instruction, a technology-based or web-based instructions that complements the face-to-face classroom sessions.

Formulate Instructional designs for adult learners that give emphasis to the “process of learning” and the appropriate “application of knowledge” acquired.

2) Research:
Formulate competency-based curriculum that includes research as the main curricular component of all the degree program structures.

Produce quality and relevant teachers’ and students’ researches, the findings of which can be used as basis in formulating plans and strategies to effectively address the different issues and problems confronting our society.

3) Extension:

Establish a community extension program designed to provide linkaging and networking opportunities to National Government Agencies (NGA), Non-Government Organizations (NGO), Business Organizations, Academic Institutions, Local Government Units, and Local Communities.
Encourages greater involvement and participation of graduate students in community extension services and appreciate the value of their piece of contribution that provides lifelong impact to the welfare and development of the intended beneficiaries.

Formulate conceptual framework for the community extension program that will spark motivation to small children beneficiaries who are deprived of better education because of socio-economic and cultural barriers.

4) Publication:

Capacitate graduate students in the process of conducting research. Provide avenue for the presentation of quality researches in local and international forum and likewise for its respective publication considerations.

Buenaventura D. Libot, ChE, PhD-EM, PhD-HRM, PhD-PA
Dean, UB Graduate School

Dr. Ammon Denis R. Tirol
Dean, UB Professional Studies